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Ozzie's Out of School Hours Care

Dear Parent/Carers,


We are really looking forward to welcoming all our children back to school on Monday 8 March. 


We are pleased to have been able to provide wraparound care for the children of Critical Workers who are currently attending school during this lockdown period and we are now preparing for a wider opening of our provision to all families who have a need for the wraparound care from Ozzie’s. 


To help us with this we are requesting that parents/carers complete on online Form to advise us of the sessions needed from 8 March onwards.


As we plan our wider reopening, we wish to advise parents that we will be offering our provision in line with the latest government guidance which states that parents must only use the wraparound care provision where this is “as reasonably necessary to support parents to work, seek work, undertake education or training, attend medical appointments or address a medical need or attend a support group.”  We anticipate that this will apply to all our parents/carers wishing to book wraparound care for their child at Ozzie’s.


In accordance with our current Covid-19 risk assessment, we will continue to operate in year group bubbles within the Ozzie's setting.  This may mean that we have to limit the number of spaces we can offer, but we are hopeful we can accommodate all the places required by our families at the current time.


Confirming sessions required 


Families currently using Ozzie's: 


If you are currently using Ozzie's, please complete the form to confirm that, from 8 March, there are no changes to your current sessions or advising us of a change in sessions. 


Families using Ozzie's in the Autumn term: 


For those parents who were using Ozzie's last term, we are updating our registers in preparation for 8 March.  We anticipate that in most cases, the bookings will revert to the sessions in place before Christmas.  However, we also recognise that requirements may have changed for some of our families so we are asking if parents would confirm any changes to their Ozzie's bookings from last term.  Please could you complete the Form from the link below to confirm your booked sessions are to resume or to advise us of a change in your requirements.


Families using Ozzie's for the first time since September: 


For parents who have not used Ozzie's since September but will require the provision moving forwards, we invite you to also complete the Form, giving details of your session requirements.  


Online Form – to confirm or request sessions: 


To help us manage our bookings and registers, please could you complete the Form by clicking on this link


We are most grateful for your assistance and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Kind regards,




Ozzie's (Out of School Hours Care)

Our Out of School Hours provision is called "Ozzie's". The staff who run this provision are part of our Staff Team.


Carolyn Hayhurst is the Manager of Ozzie's, supported by our Ozzie's team.  


In the morning Ozzie's runs from 7.30am until the start of school. After school the club runs until 6.00pm.   Ozzie's will runs holiday provision during most school holidays and on training days (see 2019-20 dates below). 


An information sheet about Ozzie's, our terms and conditions and our current price list are attached below.


Contact Details for Ozzie's:

Telephone:            07712 217174

Email address: 


Please use this number and email for all Ozzie's bookings, enquiries etc.  

Payment information


Payment can be made online via ParentPay or alternatively by using Childcare Vouchers or Tax Free Childcare (TFC).  This can be done at any time as long as you keep your account in credit.  You will not get an invoice but you can check your account details online at any time.  If you pay with vouchers or TFC you may prefer to pay monthly in advance.  If you need any information on your estimated monthly amount, please less us know.


Note that ParentPay will show a charge for each session you use at Ozzie's (including the date, session time and amount of the charge) which you can see on your detailed online statement.


All payments  (online, voucher and TFC payments) will show on ParentPay.  We will credit your account with Childcare Voucher payments once we receive a remittance advice from the voucher provider.  For TFC, you need to send us a screenshot of your payment to ensure we can allocate this correctly.


The balance for Ozzie's will show when you log on - this is the amount of any payment made less any charges.  A positive balance means your account is in credit (your account must be in credit when you use Ozzie's).  A negative balance means your account is in arrears.


You can see the detailed charges and payments made by selecting "transaction history" from the menu and then "balance history".  You then need to choose the Ozzie's payment item and select the date range you want to see. 


Please contact the office if you need your ParentPay login details or a childcare provider reference or have any other questions on using ParentPay.


Please see the Frequently Asked Questions Document below, which has more information about paying for your child's Ozzie's sessions.