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Ozzie's Out of School Hours Care

Ozzie's Out of School Club will be opening a limited provision only from Wednesday 17th September 2020


You will appreciate that the re-opening of school for all pupils this week has been the primary focus for our senior leadership team. We are very pleased to welcome all our children back in to school, some of whom have not been in school since March.  As the week has progressed, we have been constantly reviewing our plans and procedures and we have made some tweaks to these procedures to ensure that the whole school re-opening is as safe as possible for all our pupils, their families and our staff.  From our review at this early stage we are pleased with the effectiveness of our procedures and feel confident that we are in a position after this first week to consider moving to the next stage.


This means we can now move our focus onto Ozzie's and, whilst it is still early days, we are confident that the success of our current processes now allows us to move on to another key priority for us which is meeting the childcare needs of those parents who have no practical alternative options to Ozzie’s for their childcare. The basic childcare provision that we delivered during the summer holidays has been integral to helping us develop and to carry forward safe practices that we are now able to put in place for this next stage.


Our first stage is to begin by offering provision to our parents/cares who have no flexibility in the working arrangements, so cannot work from home and who have no alternative options for childcare. Provision for these families will start from next Wednesday 16th September. 


This limited provision will be based in the main school building.  As far as possible, we have kept the same as normal Ozzie’s session times, so the morning session will open at 7.30am but there will be an arrival time cut-off of 8.15am.  In the afternoon, the latest collection time will be 5.30pm.  We are not currently able to offer the 6.00pm after school session as we need to allow sufficient time for essential cleaning to take place.


The other main change is that we will be unable to provide breakfast at this early stage of reopening so children will need to have eaten before they arrive.  This is something we will keep under review and reintroduce at a later date.  


We want to reassure parents/carers that, whilst this limited provision is initially to meet the needs of those parents/carers who do not have flexible working arrangements and have no other available childcare options, we will of course be keeping the wider opening of Ozzie's under constant review.  This phased opening will enable us to operate safely as a school within the constraints of the guidance on school re-opening and the safety procedures set out in our whole school risk assessment.  


Once we are confident that this first stage in re-opening Ozzie’s provision is safe, manageable and sustainable, we will then seek to expand our provision - in line with the local restrictions and guidance in place at that time.  We will of course keep parents updated as to how these plans are progressing.   


For parents/carers who have no current flexibility in their working arrangements so cannot work from home and who have no alternative options for childcare and wish to use Ozzie's immediately, we ask that you complete the online form (link below) to highlight your current situation and the sessions you require.  Please also indicate on the form if your child is one of our new starters.


For parents/carers who have working arrangements which are currently flexible or parents/carers who currently have other alternative arrangements in place but do wish to use Ozzie’s once we are able to expand the provision more widely, please let us know by completing the online form so that we have the information of what our school families will need.


Should demand be more than the places we are able to safely manage, we may need to contact you to discuss your current work situation.


If you don't need to use Ozzie's at the moment and you are not sure if you do need to do so in the future, there is no need to complete the online form but if your situation changes at all at any point, please do email us –


We look forward to reporting back to you as soon as possible.


If you need to contact Ozzie's, please use the Ozzie's email address -



Ozzie's (Out of School Hours Care)

Our Out of School Hours provision is called "Ozzie's". The staff who run this provision are part of our Staff Team.


Carolyn Hayhurst is the Manager of Ozzie's, supported by our Ozzie's team.  


In the morning Ozzie's runs from 7.30am until the start of school. After school the club runs until 6.00pm.   Ozzie's will runs holiday provision during most school holidays and on training days (see 2019-20 dates below). 


An information sheet about Ozzie's, our terms and conditions and our current price list are attached below.


Contact Details for Ozzie's:

Telephone:            07712 217174

Email address: 


Please use this number and email for all Ozzie's bookings, enquiries etc.  

Payment information


Payment can be made online via ParentPay or alternatively by using Childcare Vouchers or Tax Free Childcare (TFC).  This can be done at any time as long as you keep your account in credit.  You will not get an invoice but you can check your account details online at any time.  If you pay with vouchers or TFC you may prefer to pay monthly in advance.  If you need any information on your estimated monthly amount, please less us know.


Note that ParentPay will show a charge for each session you use at Ozzie's (including the date, session time and amount of the charge) which you can see on your detailed online statement.


All payments  (online, voucher and TFC payments) will show on ParentPay.  We will credit your account with Childcare Voucher payments once we receive a remittance advice from the voucher provider.  For TFC, you need to send us a screenshot of your payment to ensure we can allocate this correctly.


The balance for Ozzie's will show when you log on - this is the amount of any payment made less any charges.  A positive balance means your account is in credit (your account must be in credit when you use Ozzie's).  A negative balance means your account is in arrears.


You can see the detailed charges and payments made by selecting "transaction history" from the menu and then "balance history".  You then need to choose the Ozzie's payment item and select the date range you want to see. 


Please contact the office if you need your ParentPay login details or a childcare provider reference or have any other questions on using ParentPay.


Please see the Frequently Asked Questions Document below, which has more information about paying for your child's Ozzie's sessions.