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Investors in Pupils



Investors in Pupils aims to give children a better understanding of how our school works. It gives children a voice in the way the school is run and how it can improve, whilst also helping them to learn about the roles and responsibilities of the whole school community. We believe that this produces a sense of pride and personal responsibility into each child's learning.

IiP focuses on 5 areas:

Attendance and Punctuality
Induction (How we help visitors, new pupils and adults to settle in)
Classroom Management (Keeping things tidy, knowing their cost and value, looking after them)

Each class has a Mission Statement which was agreed at the start of the year which sets out how they want their class to be. Every class also has a class target and each child has a personal target which they aim to achieve consistently over a number of weeks. Do you know your child's target? If not, ask them!

The children have also put together Welcome Packs to help anyone who is new to settle in. Next time you are in your child's classroom why not ask to have a look?


Playground Buddies

Playground Buddies help to make playtimes fun and enjoyable for everyone. With their brightly coloured "Buddy Hoodies" they are easy to spot. If a child has a problem, or just wants someone to play with, they can ask a Playground Buddy and they will help them out.