St Oswald’s C of E Primary School, Guiseley

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St Oswald’s C of E Primary School, Guiseley

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Our Staff

Leadership Team

Leadership Team 1 Mr Madeley, Headteacher
Leadership Team 2 Mr Sheppard, Deputy Headteacher

Year 6 Team

Year 6 Team 1 Mr North, Key Stage 2 Leader / Class Teacher 6N
Year 6 Team 2 Miss Brown, Class Teacher 6B
Year 6 Team 3 Mr Haw, Class Teacher 6H
Year 6 Team 4 Mrs Dickinson, Teaching Assistant
Year 6 Team 5 Mrs Rowson, Teaching Assistant (1 to 1)
Year 6 Team 6 Mrs Lightowler, Teaching Assistant (1 to1)
Year 6 Team 7 Mrs Barnes, Teaching Assistant

Year 5 Team

Year 5 Team 1 Miss Sunter, Class Teacher 5S
Year 5 Team 2 Miss Gill, Class Teacher 5G
Year 5 Team 3 Miss Rigby, Class Teacher 5R
Year 5 Team 4 Mrs Oldham, Teaching Assistant
Year 5 Team 5 Mrs Burnham, Teaching Assistant
Year 5 Team 6 Mrs Coates, Teaching Support Leader / HLTA

Year 4 Team

Year 4 Team 1 Mr Lyden, Class Teacher 4L
Year 4 Team 2 Miss Syczuk, Class Teacher 4H
Year 4 Team 3 Miss Hall, Class Teacher (on Maternity Leave)
Year 4 Team 4 Mrs Jackson, Teaching Assistant
Year 4 Team 5 Mrs Green, Teaching Assistant

Year 3 Team

Year 3 Team 1 Mrs Peel, SEN Leader / Class Teacher 3P
Year 3 Team 2 Mrs Smith, Class Teacher 3JS
Year 3 Team 3 Mrs Johnson, Class Teacher 3JS
Year 3 Team 4 Mrs Crowther, Teaching Assistant
Year 3 Team 5 Mrs Gillow, Teaching Assistant

Year 1 Team

Year 1 Team 1 Miss Miller, Class Teacher 1M
Year 1 Team 2 Miss Lister, Class Teacher 1L
Year 1 Team 3 Mrs Fowkes, Teaching Assistant
Year 1 Team 4 Miss Ellis, Teaching Assistant

Reception Team

Reception Team 1 Mrs Smith, Phase 1 Leader / Class Teacher RS
Reception Team 2 Mrs Lawrence, Reception Teacher
Reception Team 3 Mrs Fines, Reception Teacher
Reception Team 4 Miss Bollon, Teaching Assistant
Reception Team 5 Mrs Holmes, Teaching Assistant

Inclusion Support Team

Inclusion Support Team 1 Miss Golden, Family & Inclusion Leader
Inclusion Support Team 2 Mrs Batty, Pastoral Mentor

Administration Team

Administration Team 1 Mrs Conway, Business Manager
Administration Team 2 Mrs Bancroft, School Administrator
Administration Team 3 Mrs Ponsford, Dinner Money / Lunchtime Supervisor
Administration Team 4 Mr Palfreyman, Superintendent
Administration Team 5 Mrs Wilman, School Librarian

Lunchtime Team

Lunchtime Team 1 Mrs Clarke, Lunchtime Supervisor
Lunchtime Team 2 Mrs Darwin, Lunchtime Assistant
Lunchtime Team 3 Mrs Davis, Lunchtime Assistant
Lunchtime Team 4 Miss Wood, Lunchtime Assistant
Lunchtime Team 5 Mrs Wilkinson, Lunchtime Assistant
Lunchtime Team 6 Miss Holliday, Lunchtime Assistant
Lunchtime Team 7 Mrs Eccles, Lunchtime Assistant
Lunchtime Team 8 Mrs Connell, Lunchtime Assistant

Kitchen Team

Kitchen Team 1 Mrs Croft, Head Cook
Kitchen Team 2 Miss Crennan, Kitchen Assistant
Kitchen Team 3 Mrs Lee, Kitchen Assistant